Tri-Force Yokohama is part of Japan’s largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu network, Tri-Force Jiu-Jitsu Academy, founded by Mitsuyoshi Hayakawa. Established in 2016, Tri-Force Yokohama is a relatively new BJJ academy.

Our members consist of people of all ages, ranging from young children to late-60s adults. 90% began jiu-jitsu with no martial arts background.

The head instructor, Hideyuki Ito, is able to deliver instructions in both Japanese and English, creating a welcoming environment for people of all nationalities, regardless of their Japanese ability.

In addition to our regular members, we also welcome drop-in visitors. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the mat with us! OSS!

Membership Options:

Enrollment Fee
11,000 JPY
“Full Time” (Unlimited Classes)
14,300 JPY
“8 Days” (8 Classes Monthly)
12,100 JPY
Kids Class (Ages 6 to 12)
8,800 JPY

*The enrollment fee, along with 2 months worth of the membership option you choose, must be paid in cash upon enrollment (if you enroll after the 15th day of the month, 1.5 months worth will be sufficient). After the initial payment, we will ask you to fill out a form with your bank information to set up automatic payments for the subsequent months. Please bring your “Inkan” or “Hanko” seal when you come to enroll.

Visitor Fees:

1 Day
4,000 JPY
1 Week
9,000 JPY
1 Month
20,000 JPY

*We only accept cash for visitor fees.